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right, i havent ridden properly since new year cos of shitty uni exams, so on wednesday went out on my own into aberdeen thoought i would see what i could come up with.

here is the end product just a short clips movie really.

music is 'boom' by the roots

video is 1.27mins

file size is 8mb

hosted on trials-shack


any comments welcome. i im being honest its a bit of a gap fest, but have a watch its only short




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Also... I added you to MSN not that long ago >_<


hey i did accept it, dont know y i cant seem to talk to u, i wondered whom it was.

cheers for the comments guys. im not sure on how big the red brick drop was, i dont measure my stuff, i just estimate it.

yea, hope you all enjoyed the video, im having to send my video camera back so next lil vid will be a while, however im hoping to get back into ridin cos i wasnt ridin my best i dont think in that video, still a bit rusty.

oh and im using final cut express 2 for the gentleman who asked

cheers for comments again guys


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cheers man,

i was having a rusty day and need more practice, although to be honest damon is way better than i am and its more like i have something to aim for to be as good as him

hows ur riding goin anyhow? hope the python is holding up?

gaps are quite big at the moment, but everything else isnt that fantastic although i can sidehop to back wheel onto rails as of yesterday(and keep it) so ill hopefully be gettin more and more riding in.



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