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The Pink Bike After Xmas Revamp


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Frame: Mk1 Levelboss 1065 (painted pink >_<)

Fork: Fatty R

Bar n Stem: Azonic SW w/ Club Roost I-Beam 105mm x 10deg (old skool!!) + Pig headset

Front brake: Avid mechanical disc (203mm rotor) with SD7 lever

Rear brake: Magura hs33, koxx bloxx, custom monster booster (Y)

Rear wheel: Ronnie on Hope XC (with handmade solid steel axle(148grams!!!))

Front wheel: old koxx rear rim (40mm?) on Hope XC

Tyres: Maxxis Minion 2.5 rear, hutchinson octopus 2.35 front (boggo halfords tubes)

Drivetrain: 'burns with 20t (titanium nitrodised B)) chainring, locked out tiagra mech, kool chain, goldtec s/s kit with 18t ti sprocket, V8 pedals


the animal itself (sneakily stashed in ma student flat, against all regulations and contracts signed! WAHEY!!!) sans pedals


my custom craft work


pink n sparkly holes in rims. don't ask y, its just because...


and finally, best way to achieve crazy-ass chain tension!!

hopefully to be added in near future is repaired ESP 9.0SL shifter and rear mech (with frankenstien short cage!) and new rear brake pads (please tarty, i'm really gonna hurt maself soon!!!)

have a good giggle at my gay bike, and sorry bout quality, just an ikkle web cam job. just wanted to share the pinkness!!!


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Put some yellow spots on it B) B)

Personally I'd have gone for electric neon pink, so bright it'll blind people >_<

Looks like a nice build though! I've not seen a Levelboss that looked particularly streety, but that one looks good!

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dont like it! :(

wearing pink or being seen with pink as an asset as a male means supposedly your more manly cause your not ashamed of it but to tell you the truth it looks gay,

i bit of pink is good i.e. leedstrials bike that looks classy your just looks trashy an its too beaten up re spray is needed then maybe it will look better but for now am not a fan

:mellow: :ermm:

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