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Daddy, I Want To Be A Kangaroo...


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Check these babies out!

I was doing some 'tinternet research into magnetic science toys (no, seriously, I was actually working!) and these were on a link on the same page.

Check the video section where the dude flips over a car :D I want a set!!

Anyway... back to work :D

Edit: b*****d stoopid freaking link won't work directly... scroll down the page and click on the 'power tootsies' :D

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Or, you could do what Heather Mills did. Get in a crash, and have them grafted onto one of your legs (or for the extreme version, both).

They did look pretty good fun, although it must be a bitch when you first get 'em and fall over all the time :(\

At first though, all I was thinking was "A magnetic ball. How delightful." Then I read the post :D

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