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You Paid How Much?


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Hello there chaps, the aim of my post is to assertain a round figure of how much you paid for your car insurance, aged around 18. My quotes have been turning up prices of £2000 and the likes, which I think is jolly high and rather a load of codwallop.

So if you would be so kind gentlemen as to list how much you actually paid for your insurance, aged 18, not on your mums (or dads), and also say what car this was for.

Thank you kindly.

Yours sincearly,


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1.9TDI Golf for you first car (Im guessing seeing as your 'around 18') and you think they are quoting you high prices at £2000 :D :D

My insurance started the day before my 19th birthday and it was just over £1400 for a 1 litre 106. I few months later I did my pass plus and I now pay just over £700 (£53 per month). Thats with Norwich Union Direct third party fire and theft...

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im 18, and im paying £1518 for 3rd party fire and theft on a 1.4 pug 306. and i had to declare that it has non standard alloys. so i cant really complain

Would have been al lot more Dan without my lovely staff discount card.

Who would have thought Sainburys would be a good place for cheap car insurance

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It's a VW golf 1.9TDI, with a red I and silver other letters (it makes a difference). Thing is work's a 25 mile commute on the motorway so I don't want to drive a fiat panda or anything, i'd rather get somat decent or just go on the train.

So nobody pays £2000 then?

Same engine as mine - my golfs 1996 and im paying £950 with 2 years no claims fully comp.

Its a group 8 car so it wont be cheap.

First car was a 1.2 Clio 1992 was £600 with pass plus at 18 with 3rd party f&t


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I'd recomend getting one of your rents as the named driver untill your around 20-21ish. i don't see the point otherwise, any gains you'd make in noclaims you'll lose in the sheer cost of it i think. for example i looked into a 1.3 mini cooper and the best quote i got was

around 1500ish, with my dad as the named driver it was £400!! i'm keep trying to steal my mums car lol at the moment she already asks me to use it more than i ask her :(


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1.9 diesel peugeot 206, provisional licence, tesco insurance, a grand total of... £21 pounds for a year.

All because im engaged!


Right......Anyone want to marry me on here? Then we can both get cheap car insurance.


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Karen (my fiance) pays £700 for fully comp insurance, and for me to be added to her insurance, was an extra £21. We asked why it was so cheap, and it is because its a on a females insurance, and I'm engaged to that particular female too!


You should really put to more than £21 though you cheap arse :(

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