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Bt Matt Staples Video


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The truth is Jimbo makes the videos and Jimbo's a lazy bum, so... basically it doesn't matter what Matt rides someone has to motivate Jimbo into moving away from his fridge and nearer his PC :(

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wtf is a KOT

where can i see one of these contraptions(SP?)



p.s i searched and used my friend goog

:"> :"> :"> :"> :"> :"> :"> :">

edit never mind i actually searched my mate properly (my mate google that is) and clicked images and found what im looking for

google is your friend



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wtf is a KOT

KOT is a Russian company that used to have the absolute sexiest trials frame I ever sawd. It looked pretty damn similar to the Leeson Clear 660, except it was made with Titanium, yum yum. (Y)

Anyway, then they made some wierdo flip-painted mod frame (or a stock one, can't remember) to keep up with the plageristic nature of the trials industry.

Here's some of their stuff, but it's not the website I remember they had.

And about the video... the trailer was rather appetising, so a nice juicy video would satisfy me. (Y)

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Oli you may be here all year so dnt hld your breath

oops, i forgot again.

will need reminding tonight when i get home.

olly, you're permitted to hassle me about it.

didn't forget to put the fridge on my desk though....


Any luck yet Jimbo? :-


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