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Fun Trial - With Prizes!

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Well here it is ... it's taken a couple of days to organise, but it's on. All we need now is members and entries!

It's going to take TykeTrial some time to sort anything out as to whether they close the club, or get a new committee. In the meantime, people are losing valuable riding time!

So, whilst TykeTrial sort themselves out, I've been working to get trials going again, and have successfully renewed the NBTC.

In conjunction with those who've offered to help, and with the sponsorship backing of Aire Valley Cycles, a fun trial is to be held on Sunday 6th March at Back Cowm Quarry, Whitworth, Nr Rochdale.

Click here for all the information on club membership, ACU affiliation, and trial entry.

Look forward to seeing you all there. (Y)

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Seeing as he link doesnt work for me....

Can anyone just show up and ride?

As i am really interested in going :P

Scotty  :blink:

If the link doesn't work - try typing in www.biketrialuk.co.uk/nbtc/nbtc.html

Because it's the first trial, everyone has to have ACU membership, so we do, just this once, need the forms in advance please!

Any problems downloading, call 07850 505298.

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will the comp be ok for me - it will be my first and my brother - hes 10 - will there be routes for kids.

Yep, Beginners Class is for ages 6-10, this is the only age limitation. Novice class is for beginners/easy route age 10+

If you're a beginner or need it easyish, get your entries in. So far, everyone seems to think they're expert or elite riders!

Come on, let's have some new riders for the white and blue routes. Remember - it's a fun trial!

Beginners - age 6-10

Novice - white route - easiest

Intermediate - blue route - a bit harder

Expert - red route - pretty hardish

Elite - yellow route - don't go there unless you've had a go at red route and found it easy!

We've got a good experienced section setting team coming along to set up - if you want to help, send me a pm or give me a call on 07850 505298.


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just printed my forms to fill out, get mates to do same. Whats rules with 24" as its a fun trial? a friend Mike (leedstrials) will probably like to compete but he rides 24". is this a problem, can it be over looked as its a fun trial?

Cheers, Tim

It's a fun trial

- any bike, any wheel size, any age, any class, no restrictions on gears etc.

- the only usual rules that apply are safety rules (helmets, long trousers etc) and scoring rules.

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