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Lathing Bashes

Nick Garland

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Yes, edd potts can do them, his t-f name is dave85 :P he does a VERY good job, i have recently made myself a tool for latheing my own bash down, worked a treat on the test bash :P

damn, jon beat me

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Clive at leeson bikes does them and a very good job from what I have heard too.

Now available, Leeson machined middleburn bashguards. Using your standard middleburn bashguard we are now able to machine away the excess aluminium to create a lighter more compact version.

Price: £10 (when suppling your own bashguard


There's an example from the website.

You can contact Clive on 01933 314285, or email him on leesonbikes@tesco.net.


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i do

after seeing the post yesterday i tried it at colledge on a old echo bash

it turned out very nice(ash dan ko) i may b doing a couple for him.

£8, bash and a stamp adressed jiffy bag, thats all im askin.

im quite good on a lathe.

pm me if your interested

Interesting, got any pics of it? (Y)


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yeh hi

i dont hav any pics but it looks a lot like the first midleburn bash on this topic.

i only cut the inside of the bash but i am soon makin a fixing so that i can knurl and machine the hole thing

if you give me sum specified design im sure i could do it, but nothing mad.

i shud b doing a few for ko.

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ah!  :">

those stoopid teachers said it wasnt possible  :blink:

silly teachers..........

yeah, i'll blame it on the teachers :P

Exactly, the ones they have in schools/colleges are mini.

You can do it with the small ones but cos it's only alu it will be ok, but you just have to push into it more instead of clamping down and make the machine wobble :P


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