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Removing A 12t Freewheel


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is there any way i can remove it as I have just got my new wheel but it has a 12t freewheel and i want to put on my 18t.

will it work with a vice and an old chain?

if so, how?


P.s I did search and none of the topics seemed to help. :">

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chainwhip - anticlockwise

Which unfortunately doesn't solve the problem of the stuck-on sprocket, but does leave you the fresh problem of a snapped chainwhip :unsure:

For future reference, you can do the sorta chainwhip bodge, whereby you get a block of wood, a length of chain and two screws.

Get block of wood.

Lie chain down on top of wood so the side plates are vertical.

Put one screw through the gap in the chain at one end.

Put your sprocket under the chain so it's resting on the wood.

Wrap the chain tightly around the sprocket and then along the wood.

Put the second screw through the gap in the chain just after the sprocket.

Put block of wood into vice.

Turny turny.

/\ That should work. However, you can usually just get a Plumber's wrench and tear the f**ker off. Worked pretty well at or LBS...

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