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6 Free 02 Sims


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I HATE it when people do things like order 50 ;)

What the hell is the point? They have limited stock, and last time they had this offer there were a load of 'tards who orded like 50-60 of them, so the offer was over in like a weak, and loads of people who could have got them ended up without any, and big suprise 8 months later they still have 50-60 of them.

They sell for nothing on ebay, no one bids on them, not even 90p...


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I am afraid i agree with Alexx, no need to get 50 ;)

But anyway, last time this offer was on i ordered one and didn't ever get it, oh well... at least i am still alive, and i am having minted lamb burgers for dinner tonight (summit to look foward to) :D

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Ill bet a mars bar 50 dont turn up... ive tried getting a few before (have noticed the error of my ways, and will send one to you free of charge if you send me an SAE) and only 6 ever come - apart from the first time they did free sims, when I got about 30, people made alot of money off that.. pretty much worthless nowadays though.

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