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Ali C's New Trimx

Ali C

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its green, its mean and its errmm wet out side :ermm:

new bike, out of old parts (mostly), a lick of paint here and there and bobs your mums brother.

I havnt ridden it properly yet, the headset adjuster is being a pain.

The brakes feel WANK! but seem to work pretty well, I might bash a maggie on the back though.

hope you like


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that's a very interesting bicycle :ermm:

should be cool with the gyro..

good to see my forks have been put to good use.... tell us how it rides when you've had a proper session.


jeez i just noticed the cable running through the bore of the stem ... crazy !! haha

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thats nice ali :ermm: nice white tires too :(" :D

I would mind having a go on it!

Get some pics/vids of you rding it too :) please

Is that a proper giro for the back brake? Or a bodge?

I have a a vee on my crusier with a giro and it felt terrible tto, took giro off and just run a longer cable.

But yeah i think giros don't move enough for the extra cable pull that vee's need and so feel wank


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lol yep it is pretty ugly, but it cost next to nothing, so I cant complain.

It is a proper gyro, I am running my avid levers with the speed dial wound right in so it pulls less cable, seems to be getting better, I might stick with it for a while and see how it copes.

I just had a little mess in my hall, managed to get a bar spin :ermm:


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lol, dont expect anything good, I aint a street boy. I just wanted a bike I could bunnyhop and spin and take to the skate park every so often.

I have just bathed the cables in wd40, its made the world of difference! they actually feel nice now, I cant wait till I can bung a heatsink v pad in the back! (its actually pretty good anyway with the stock shimano pads)

I just wish it would stop bloody raining!!

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right, had a proper ride today and to be honest I dont like it that much.

Its far too bmxy, its just like a big bmx, but just harder to ride.

I want a more trialsy bike that I can gap and sidehop, but then take to the skate park and ride that too.

I am tempted to get a 24" frame, is anyone selling one?

I will also bung on a rear maggie and have a tyre with some tread at the back and less than 80psi :("

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