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File Sharing. Wireless Router.


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Right I need help, I have a laptop which I use fro the house via wireless internet, the router is in the garage amongst 2 Desktop PC's which are connected to the router via Ethernet.

Now thing is, I want to access my desktop pc's files so I can listen to music etc from my pc without having to download on the laptop etc, how do I make and view a shared folder which I can access with the laptop from wireless lan.



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Buy a wireless router and a wireless networking card.

Router = £50 ish

Card = £20 ish.

eBuyer. Stick to goodish makes for routers. Cards don't really make much difference I've found. I've got a buffalo wireless air port and buffalo card. With a Netgear router. It's cool.


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Sorry to steal your thread (Y)"

I have a wireless network, a router and two wireless cards.

Both of the computers can get the internet, but we cannot share files, how do i go about sharing files?

Any ideas Nick?



Thats what problem i have got. But only one computer has wireless the other two are connected with Ethernet.

How do I/We go about file sharing?

and the other reply, I already have router etc if you actually read.

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Right click on a folder > Properties > Sharing > Share this folder on the network

Then find it on the other pc via 'My Network Places'

If that doesnt work run the network setup wizard found under Accessories > Communications on all the pcs making sure the workgroup is the same on them all.

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