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Quick Fixes And Botches


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space out a front qr skewer with a mech hanger, because most of the threads where buggered on it.

added a bit of a steerer tube on top of my forks, so my stem clamps better

fitted various random mech hanger to my bike that didn't fit.

bodged various headsets together

taken a spoke outta my front wheel to go into my back wheel, because i snapped one - the front wheel still had 35 spokes in in 9 months later :huh:

fixed punctures with gaffa tape, superglue and various random stuff

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Couldn't find any white paint. Used tip-ex.

Rounded off most of my nipples, so i now use mole grips to true a wheel.

Stripped part of the thread for rear magura. Instead of helicoiling it, I just found a longer bolt to go past the destroyed bit

Should this be made a sticky or something? It could be quite useful to some people....

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Zip ties are absolutely amazing...best tool you can buy.

Ive held my rear mech on with a zip tie, and then aligned it with another zip tie, it mad a horrible sound when i landed on it though, so i packed it out with some sponge....held on by another zip tie. :huh:

Ive held a magura down with a zip tie. :D

I took a hammer on a ride once to knock my wheel over....instead of chain tensioners.....also used that to knock magura cylindars closer to the rim (Y)


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What a good topic, well, lets see I am the bodge master

*Held pads to backing with chewing gum

*Used lard for bearing grease in wheels

*The official pad bodge

*two tyres on one rim

*two Tubes on one rim ( great if you get a puncture you still have rollable tyres

*No headset

*Innertubes as grips

*Home made bashgaurd

Thats all I can think of at the moment but i will edit with more when i remember.#

Keep the bodgeing up, Kieron :huh:

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Needed to get 5 miles across London to Victoria Stn, and one of us had a totalled back wheel. We took the wheel out, and used the longer skewer to clamp the rear drop-outs onto the front wheel of the other bike, effectively creating a tandem with three wheels and two headtubes. Rear rider had to pedal and both steer! Was an absolute biatch to ride but we did it...

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Yeah your right, zip ties are one of the most usefull tools ever.

I have holding the booster on my front magura otherwise the thing pops off if I brake too hard. I know i should bolt it but its a quick fix.

Zip tie the grips, deluxe lock ons lol

The other great tool is black electrical tape. I used it to hold my rear mech together.

Well whatever keeps you riding is all good.


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