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Zona Rating

lewis :)

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kooool ^_^ i cant wait til xmas now lol but me bike will b good at da start of feb as i would hav all good stuff on me bike

My friend says they ride really nice and are a good improvement to most frames. And it will help you get validated if you don't write text talk. (Y)

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are the zona zips very long (compared to a t-bird) because i think i'm getting back pains because of how i hunch on my t-bird, i'm 6ft so it doesn't surprise me if thats why i get pains, but how do they compare for length? (mainy asking because i am allowed a nu frame soon and they are fairly cheap)

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The Zona's not that similar to the Levelboss. The BB's higher, the front end's longer, and it's got a shitload more standover.

Anyways, the front end is longer than the T-Bird, by quite some way. The front end on the T-Pro is longer than the Bird, and the Zip's longer than the T-Pro, so yeah, it should be fine. I'm 6' 2", and it fits me fine anyway :)


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