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24 Inch Rigids - Like On The New Zoot


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so everyone, i have come up with a cheaper solution to me buying a new bike until I know I like trials lots.

below is my 24inch street MTB. i figure I can adapt this. the pic isn't up to date, changes are dmr trailblades and a much smaller sprocket at front.


anyway, i though if i could get hold of some rigids with v-brake mounts for 24 inch wheel (not 26 like my trailblades) i could fit a front brake, new bars/stem, and easier gearing to see if i like trials before taking any drastic measures.

any ideas? i had a look on the tarty bikes site, couldn't see any

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Adapting a trasition toa trials rig will ride like a bag of shit, and then you wont like trials anyway. Best either to go the whole hog or not bother at all to be honest.

(N) your bike is going to be stupidly heavy for trials especially with dmr trailblades you should consider just getting a cheap trials bike instead (Y)

Sorry but what a load of bollocks.

I started on a 19" steel rock hopper, and loads of the best riders about on here will have started on similar bikes. Pisses me off when people think you need the latest/lightest/greatest trials bike to get started on.

Keep an eye on the FS section for some forks, good luck - if you like it you can start replacing the heavier bits with lighter bits as you get better (Y)

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I was born in a ditch blah blah blah.....

It wont be the same, and i didn't say buy the latest/lightest/greatest trials bike to get started on, just gte something a bit more 'trials'.

I started on a 16" raleigh, but it was shit, so then i swapped the bits onto an orange zero which i got welded - much better.

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im going to buy the Base 24/26 forks from bikedock, two V's, longer stem and wider bars. that should give me a fairly street/trials bike like the ashton one made for one of the tongue brothers a while back.

the transition frame, granted, is 6.4lbs, but i have the overall bike built at the mo to be little over 30. a few mods could bring that down to 27-28. things as simple as running a trials seat and a cut down post etc will help shed the weight.

i just think if i bought a fully trials 26inch bike I wouldn't get on with it...and I already have 3 bikes



so it's probably best I don't keep on with the bike buying thing!

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