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Bash To Back Wheel


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Well basically... we'll use a wall for example, you ride at the wall, lunge, or bunny-hop onto the bash, and then use the same method that you would usually use to hop around to get ballance (like little hops where bot wheels leave the floor at roughly the same time) only a lot more vigorusly to get distance from the wall, practise this, (be careful not to pull the fron up too high otherwise you'll slide off the wall and seriously damage your Frame) then you once you feel okay at this and can get about 1ft from the wall, you pust the bike forward whilst in the air, and apply the back break, and then bring yourself up inline with the bike and backhop in order to keep your balance, then your ready to do your 900 backflip off the otherside of the wall :-

Hope this helps Mike!!!

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Intentional use of bash guards in street?????? that should be illegal, using your bash looks minging and is mostly why people bitch about trials riders breaking walls etc. you spend cash on a good rear tyre for a reason, use it!

sorry to have a go at avid bash guard lovers, but its just so dirty looking, scraping around on a wall. I would spend time working on other techniques rather than molesting walls with your bash.


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only advice i can give is:

1.only hold your front brake, keep the back brake off UNTIL the back wheel is in the air (lets your legs move)

2.stay ballancing on the bash for a bit before so you get a chance to gain connfidence

3.aim to go higher than you need to (makes it easier)

4.dont have the back wheel right up against the wall (make sure the bash is just on)

hope thats of ANY help at all but thats what helped me learn :ermm:

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So if i was to ...

1 - ride bash onto wall and lock down front end holding bike on wirth front brake, rear brake free

2 - with minor adjusting ''bunny hop style'' moves adjsut the bike a bit sideways ie:rear mech side close the the wall, an angle thats it!

3 - pull into front of bike a sif to wheel swap, preloading my leg and then push down and throw my body forwards appling back brake asap and streching out to coax the bike and back end to land on the wall?

Or am i just dreaming

Might have to go into town and try this

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