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Favorite Trials Bikes


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who is your favorite trial bike manufacturer ? ? ?

who is your least favorite trial bike manufacturer ? ? ?

for me my favorite has to be adamant purely because their new frames look so cool ! ! !

least favorite is definitely saracen as i have cracked two of their frames.


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Conducting market research , or just indulging curiosity ? My vote goes for B.T , who manufacture good products and have a cool image and some neat riders . I guess you could look at product quality , customer service , image etc , but these choices are mostly just first impressions , like your suggestion of Adamant , which do indeed look really cool . One of my mates is about to get one , making it the first in Holland .

Lucky git .

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I'd say Echo as my favourite because my Control is still going strong after a year of abuse...If I was to get another frame i'd probably go with another Echo or Zoo. (Y)

My least favourite would probably be saracen as everyone has seemed to have cracked their frames by the sound of things (N)

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my favourite trials bikes is between GT tyhooon and koxx XPT 20":D:D

least favourite is mission they are rubbish trials bikes and over priced (N)

Mate, not being funny, but do a bit of research before answering peoples questions, its GU typhoon, and Koxx xtp. Just read through a few trials sites and have a browse through some threads (Y)

Have fun!


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