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Cheap Tensioners And Forks

F-Stop Junkie

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Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with On-One in anyway, just thought some folk here might find the following useful:

On-One Superlight Forks - Black or white, disc only. £60

Doofers - Chain tension for a tenner.

And SoYo Grips - which used to be popular back in the day. Tenner.

Also got some good deals on Avid Juicy 7s if you're into that kind of thing.

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Fredrico / anyone else , if you go for that tensioner , let us know how it is after a few weeks testing , please . Seems like a well made piece , from a respected manufacturer .

It looks the same sort of design as the DMR/Surley ones, which we all know are a little, substandard... The spring design on them really is bad, and I presume these are the same.


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