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How To Remove Middleburn Bashrings


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im just gonne quote all the important stuff from the thread.

the bash guards come in new and old. i think new is 03, and old is 01 and 02.

and xtr BB tool (03) fits the bash 03 like a glove, however if its an 01 or 02 bash, a bit of filling on the tool is required

XTB Bottom Bracket tool is the one you need. Bolt it to the crank to make sure it doesnt slip, then stick the tool in a vice. Sorted

put the pliers in were the tool goes & use the spanner on the pliers fo leverage

to do up/undo the lock ring.

mine keep scomming lose...think io need to locktight it

hammer and screwdriver does the job, but it will mangle the lock ring

hope this helps.

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additional info, the tool made by french company var is better quality that the shitmano one,

id always recomend using the right tool, youve paid for expensive cranks, why bodge them instead of paying for a tool which will be useful in the future.

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i used the shimano one.me and Nick goddard went and split the cost of it £5 each i think.it works fine.i reccomend if you know someone else who has burns,get the tool and split the cost,as you will both need it at somepoint,and it just saves you that bit of extra money to get a....tube...


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The Shitmano XTR BB tool is also needed for when fititng an Truative BB as it has an outer spilned set up.

There is a park tool for the bash tool. It's need for camporlo casstess i bleive tool.

If it keeps coming undone then use some thred loc, or a like. Make sures it's free of drit and grease.

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