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Monty Tyres


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do you think that popular demand will ever bring them back or are they just not creating enough profit to still be made???

I doubt they'll be back.

There was big demand for the old 'salmon wall' tyres when they first sold out, but they never brought them back!

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from what ive seen on here people have no complaints about them they seem alright but does anyone know whether popular demand has ever brought anything back. i really wanted to get a set of those 'white liners' as the feedback was so good on their performance

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For a ghess hes after the bouncie-ness, the new monty eagle claw tyres are the same but grippy (Y)

Theyre not the same, the old monty tyre was bouncy for 2 reasons, 1 it had a pretty large air volume which meant it was bouncy and the compound wasnt the softest so it returned to shape alot faster then usual tyres. the new monty tyres just have thin sidewalls. theyre soft compound so they dont return to shape as fast and they havent got a large air volume theyre more or less the opposite just with thinner sidewalls...

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Obay the rules kids, maybe add each other to msn and do it off the forum!!! Tut tut where is the brain cells and bloody logic!

Honestly, who cares, its a tyre topic in NMC, possibly the more irrelevant of topics, there's not need to say to talk to other people about brain cells and bloody logic... because that's quite hypocritical of you pete. :rolleyes:

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