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I stopped riding from trials about year and half ago to have a break and i just brought my self a brand new monty 219 2007 model and tried to get back into trials, But i've been having problems i thought i would be able to do all normal stuff i could do before before drop off, side hops ect ect but only small stuff, work my way up to big stuff when i got my technech back because i thought i was pretty good before i went on break it would come back to me second nature but i had a quick go on bike after work to day and i can't do anything can't even power hop or balance right has anyone had this problem after they went on a long break and came back into trails?

Carl (Y)

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When I started back riding after a 2-3 yr gap I started on an older bike, I instantly could do tonnes. When I got my new bike' a few week's later I could still do the stuff, but the bike was a major change in terms of how it felt.

I would imagine it's just that your not used to how the bike's are designed at the moment, given monty's havn't changed majorily, but enough for it to make a differance I would say.

Stick at it, you WILL improve.

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