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Zoo, Monty, Echo, Onza


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yea go easy on the topics, you could ask several questions in one topic instead of making a topic for each question.

try to keep text talk down aswell (talking about your other topics here)

back to question..there really isnt a best brand, it's all down to personal preference, riding style and kinda how your bodystructure is aswell

A tall person would like a long frame like a zoo python and would be less keen a short frame like a monty 221ti, opposite for a smaller person.

people who like bunnyhopping would chose short frame etc etc

I prefer monty's myself :)

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You might as well have asked how longs a peice of string.

Zoo / Echo if you want something that'll brake the earth befor the frame did.

Mony if you like short bikes, and or double discs.

Onza if you don't want to sell your kidneys.

Then there's the fact that all these makes have different frame geo. Which is personal preference.

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Monty if you want spanish wank

Echo, GU, Zoo, Adament, Cazar, are all Deng (Echo is the lead company on there registration)

Onza, cheap stuff, same built and materials as above and it works! Good warranty too!

The 2 above are also made in the same factory, Pulo!

BT is made in Poland and we've seen 1 or 2 snap, crack

MBK i think is Thialand

Toxin is defo Thianland as we had videos of it being made. looked like some army dude!

Old Echo's were weak as anything. The new stuff, about past 2/3 years now must be has used U6 which has come on leaps and bounds. This stuff works!


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