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Plazmatic Crv Red? Or Yellow?


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Plazmatic CRV Red? or Yellow?

Ive been searching and searching all over OTN, and just had enough.

I just ground my rim, and figgure its time to get some pads that are made for ground rims. I check out trialsin, and see they have the CRV Yellow, then mosey on over to WebCyclery and they have the CRV Red. I am wondering if there is even a diffrence in these compounds or if they are just the same.

I've ridden the V-Fly's, and they are dead. Nothing but slip even with the ground rim. When they were new, without a ground rim, they worked wonders. But, as I progress and things tend to get bigger, slip is somthing I've grown to hate.

Also, with these pads will I get the squeek from when I engage the brake? Or does that just happen randomly? Becuase I really want it to sqeek like a stuck pig.


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