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No Need For Spell Checking!


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read the text below as normal....

i cnat fnid waht i was loinokg for on the itrneent but bsalcialy as lnog as the lsat and fsirt ltertes of ecah wrod are in the ccerrot pclae waht eevr you are tnpyig is slitl tlatloy rbdaelae. so f**k uinsg the selpl cehck.

hpoe tihs wrekod.....if not tehn i look a slily, and i wesatd my tmie!

cemomtns woelmce

you dnot hvae to tpye in tihs way too!!


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oh dear, a pointless topic, and it makes no sense, spell checker is there for you to boost your chances of becoming a full member,I always try to use it especially on words I'm not sure about, its there for your benefit.

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ok easy boys and lighten up a little its just a bit of fun and not everything has to be trials related.

obviously typing like that for real wouldnt be acceptable but i was just making a point that it is possible to read

i cant believe some of u actually thought i was bein serious!

bit of fun...lighten up

see i can type normally! and im sorry for wasting a topic in a none trials specific chat trying to just create a lil discussion. :(

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