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World Records.

Guest Al_Fel

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Guest Al_Fel

Back wheel

Both wheels


Front hook

Static gap

Rolling gap

Bunnyhop gap

Side hop

Side hop to crank

Side hop to pedal


Drop to both wheels

That'll do for now. Not arsed if its in the book. Show us some proff of what you've done.

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yuo forgot the bunnyhop, thats 51.5"

i saw that in MBUK, thats the record as regards to bunny hopping over a pre-measured pole, however at 51.5inches it was a side-hop over the pole, and that was successfuly done by a 19 year old spanish guy called Benito Ross, regardless of wheel size a French rider Bruno Arnold holds the 26 inch record with a sidehop of 46.5inches, Martyn Ashton achieved a 42inch sidehop over a bar live on TV, on a show called roy castle's record breakers....

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benito ross in the video sidehop over a 131cm bar, this is oficial because they where 4 world referies, this is 10cm more than his last record (yes, he beat him self) the static gap is 251cm done between to 4m hig boxes by cesar cañas an ot pi

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Well in that case, the Trialskings have backwheeled about 10ft (cant remember which vid, the one with 'No Cigar' as the tune, the one thats craply edited by Holroyd)


he used a ramp... and bunnyhopped. Not clean bunnyhopped or pedal kicked..

like with bunnyhopping over a bar.. you cant use a ramp lol :-

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