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Reviews On Monty Spray Tar

lil wilkins

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Spray tar thats the most stupid i have ever heard of why not just get some out of the road, off a telegraph pole, from a building site its bloody eveywhere :angry:

Sort of ignorant of you T-OM, it's not tar, it's refered to as 'Tar in a can' because it works along the same principal of tar; making the rim stickier to improve hold and bite, it's simply a substance that goes sticky when it dries (as far as i know).

I think it will be a nice little christmas present for your friend.

The ol' hair spray jobbie works but possibly the Monty spray lasts longer?

I'd say get it as it's only 5 pound and is a nice present for a friend...

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I think monty break spray is a good idea in the winter,

In the summer all of the dust and mud which is lowing around does get stuck to it.

if your buying it for a mate it seem like a nice gesture and a fiver isnt exactly a fortune to spend, i wouldnt buy it myself but its up to you really.


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