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Little Help (im So Pee'd Off)


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Well firstly i will begin by saying that i have the Diamondback T20 trials bike. It has maggies on front and rear and two 20" wheels(MY PROBLEM!!)

Well i was just about to order some rims and tyres etc from tartybikes and noticed one thing lol. That both of my wheels are 20".

I was wondering is there a way around this. because i cant use 19" rims , because of obvious reasons, (brake setup, freewheel and chain setup, etc etc)

Anyone else know a way around this ??? help is really apreciated on this matter, and also if i need to get a new bike, anyone know of the best onza's ? thinking about the t-mag :P



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Oh for f**k sake...

I'm having exactly the same problem building up a T-Vee for a mate... all I could think of (but haven't tried yet) is setting up the evo mounts upside-down? Could work...

And what ever you do, don't get a T-Mag. As soon as you get reasonable good you will hate it. Trust me, I started off with a T-Mag, was completely happy with it for about it year until I landed on the bash plate after attempting to get up a wall and the frame just cracked. That was the end of that.

Get a T-Pro if you want a good value frame!

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No no no no don't get the t-mag frame its does ride like poo.

My first bike was a t-pro then i upgreaded to the t-mag i hated it there pants!!

T-pro if you have the cash buddy, there well cheep on ebay brand new for £79 you can't go wrong!

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Seriously, never ever buy a T-Mag, my mate has one, its all right spec wise, but feels all fat, if you no what i meen. The T-Pro feels more like a competition bike, strong yet lightened and more refined. I prefer a ground maggy on the front anyway, and thats the only difference to the spec!

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lol m8, wish i never had the dam thing now... its a nice bike to ride but its too much hassle because of the stuff. You cant mod the rims,tyres,freewheel. or anything because of the f*cking 20" wheel. Sorry for lang. Hey, add me on msn pleease :D tryin to persuade my mum to let me have a new bike

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