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Really Not A Lot Of Options


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So fine can’t sell items in the beginner forum area, understandable, then where? The links sent to me about the rules tell nothing of alternatives so you can imagine how helpful that was, thanks! If you have not been validated then use of this site is pretty much worthless. Validation is slow and not very promising for individuals who use this site as a reference and without that doing much of anything is difficult. Of all the forums out there THIS one defiantly is by far the least beginner friendly which is sad for those trying to attract new riders. My hat off to the fearless leaders of this forum who apparently know best. Seems to me there might be some underlining control issues judging by the organization of which this is set up, good luck with that!

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well there is eBay? buy new? other forums? there is a reason why you cant suddenly make for sale/wanted posts, which will be explained in a bit.

Validation is only slow if you dont make worthwhile posts, its not hard-keeping an eye on spelling and grammar as well as trying to be detailed as possible shows you are serious and will be a valuable addition to the full members section of the forum, people who type a handful of words like 'dose r gud forks blud' aren't going to get validated any time soon, cos they just aren't putting any effort in and don't really deserve the full use of the forum. The validation system is there to filter out the crap, we don't want to be reading about 'whats the best bike everererez' every 5 seconds. After several new members coming on here and scamming a few of the members on here, it became very necessary to prevent it happening, hence not allowing new members to trade until full membership-again, its not hard to get validated if you make proper posts.

the forum is owned and run by two guys, Tom and Danny (they are assisted by mods and senior members too) who i'm sure don't have 'control issues'. The forum works, its got shitloads of members and 99% of the full members aren't knobs. If somebody wants to be a member, they just need to make an effort, i don't see the problem? Compare this forum to the mbuk forum for example, who lets any old fool on, and you will see why this system makes sense.

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I'm not going to try to say what's been said again, as Paul's done a damn good job of it.

However, not being allowed to post in 'FS/WTD' doesn't stop you from contacting a seller and carrying out some kind of exchange. Most users have enough information withing their profile to make it as easy as adding them to MSN, or dropping them a quick email with any questions you might have.

The full-member-only section means that the scammers are not able to cheat people so easily, and that you get a better idea of who you are dealing with each time.

Validation really isn't that hard, if posts are kept of a consistently reasonable quality, so there's not really much of a problem if you are here as a serious member to discuss trials with other like-minded individuals, as surely that kind of thing goes without saying on the whole? People have been validated by single posts before, and there's nothing to say that it can't happen again. (Yeah, ok, this is at the extreme of the scale, but you get the idea...)

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I validated over 40 new members over christmas - You weren't one of them because you weren't deemed an 'active' member as you had 10 posts or less.

The board has just had a software upgrade which has meant until yesterday the mods couldn't validate new members.

If you've got some more patience, wait until someone is validating again and I'm sure you'll get validated. If not, then try mbuk forum or ebay?

None of us get paid for being admin/moderators, and it's not like you're paying for a service here, so like it or lump it.


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