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Interesting Last Day At Work

mrs dj

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It was my last day at work today.... and well it was one to remember!

Some one sent a letter bomb and it got through our post screening. It got opened in our reception.

My friend opened it and the whole of reception filled with smoke, she got out and she had glass stuck in her hand. Apparently she got to my office crying for me but I wasn't there at that point so I felt really bad.

There was a bomb squad there, the met police and firemen. The yevacuated everyone except my office!! It was horrible and our boss wouldn't tell us why they wouldn't let us out. We were eventually taken to a different building and interviewed and told to go home.

The whole thing was like a film.

I went to the hospital to see my friend and the police have now taken her home. The building is still being searched and the envelope has been taken by police.

We got told the bomb was filled with glass, nails and powder, but that they couldn't tell us any more.

I can't believe what people can actually do!

The company do DNA testing for many things, Major Crime, Forensics, Paternity, Immigration..... I guess it could have come from anywhere. Just a very scary thing to happen.

Hopefully my new job wont be as violent!

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woah that must have been quite scary..

i hope they catch the guy(s) who did it, they deserve to be punished :angry:

can't understand what goes to those people's head to make them do such a thing

hope everyone will be ok.. were there severe injuries beside your friend's, like glass/nails in people's eyes?

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Sounds relaly bad but also ausome lol

Nothing like that ever happend here

what was the letter like couldnt you feel the stuff inside. etc

We get packages all the time, we get samples come in through the post that comes in all different shapes and sizes so theres no way you can tell.

There was only one person hurt as receptions blocked off and only 1 person is in it... usually me! A few people inhaled smoke, but I guess it wasn't harmful otherwise they would have told us by now.

Also just heard that it hadn't fully exploded, but the bomb disposal unit got rid of it, so i guess we were really lucky.

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The company is called Orchid Cellmark, and they could get targeted for a few reasons.

Mainly, people end up in prison because of us connecting their DNA to a crime and stuff like that, we had a few threats from murderers that have been in prison because of the evidence we have.

We do paternity testing and sometimes people dont like results.

We do immigration testing and they think that they dont get in the country because of there DNA test so they can get pretty annoyed at us. We had a weird call from an immigration person who just kept asking for our address... I think the police are looking into this and may be tracing the call.

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Had a similar one at my work in June 2005.

We got an email in the morning advising us that there had been an incident in the post room and that we must all stay on our floors and no one was allowed to leave or enter the building.

The carpark had been closed off and there were loads of police and firemen all over the place.

Someone in the post room had opened a letter containing white powder, the post room just treated it as an anthrax attack. When the emergency services arrived the carpark got turned into a chemical wash down and everyone in the post room had to strip down and have a chemical shower in the carpark. The people that came into closest contact with the package were rushed to hospital.

After this incident I was informed that there had been a few other 'attacks' on my company, the first attacks were at a point when we were owned by an american company called Equifax, so at a guess someone out there has an issue with them but didnt reallise we are no longer owned by them! All I know is that everyone was safe and that the powder was tested to be harmless.

It was an interesting day at work anyway :lol:

BBC Link

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It was my last day at work today.... and well it was one to remember!

Oh my god. I heard that on the news, and it said something like 'in Abingdon in Oxford' and I thought 'thats we're DJ's mum lives'...Never would have thought you'd be involved with it! :S

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