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My 1st Vid


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yea really nice vid. nice and chilled really liked it! loads of people will say wear a lid ive started wearing one and really gives me alot more confidence.. liked the riding and how you didnt just do big moves you were able to keep on going where id just get tired and give up lol well done!! wanna c more! lol

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cheers mate!!! i been thinking of getting one but not to fussed to be fair, but thanks for the good feed back. if i was to get one whats good (lid)

That's really cool mate, that's a pretty hefty drop of the phone booth. You're a lot better than me, but i'll get there soon hehe.

Good luck with the rest of your riding,


thank keep riding and your get there mate just think possitive (Y)

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if i was to get one whats good (lid)

Ive literally 2days ago got my Giro Xen 06 in pink :P its loverly.... no i never used to but i had a serious operation in october and getting back into riding and just made me think gawd 60quid is quite a lot of money (like 15 hours work) but is it worth going back into hospital with my skull in 2bits? someone said that in a recent "stan shaw tarty vid????" his lid cracks clean in two. so would prefer that to my skull.... so seeing it as a bit of an investment for my body lol only used to wear a lid in dark and rainy conditions and the lid did save me once.... but now going to have it on all the time im on my bike!! some XC rider smashed his skill open an died just flipping out bunnyhopping a cerb i think...... not going to let that happen to me! makes drops feel smaller as well lol

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Nice one parr, and nice videoing shaun (Y) like shawn said if you wore a helmet it might boost your confidence but hey its what you like.. anyways brill stuff in that vid and keep it up B) , what days are you riding this weekend? (Y)

i out tommrow mate sunday that is you comming over

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