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Chrome T-rex?

Phil H

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hell yeah, a mate of mines done it to his (Y) ask krisboats on here (Y):)

Allrite man just with my black and red forks could look abit shoddy. Then again I could eventually go for a chrome and red colour scheme. Thing is I dont want it to look like a wanna be echo or anything :P .


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Mine when I had it built up.

That looks awesome! Settles it in my mind the whole thing just seems like alot of hassle!


as has been pointed out..it is faily pintless in chrome plating an aluminium frame. it adds a hell of a lot of weight to the frame. even paints weighs a fair amount.

polish all the way. when you dent the frame it will not flake away but just dent neatly.

Im slightly confused by the 'chrome plating' because as far as I can see Onza took a fully chrome bike and painted some decals on the front, hence why the back is chrome. Due to this all I would need to do is strip the paint at the front of the bike.

Im sure this discussion doesn't belong here and I have a thread concerning it in the Trials chat section.

In the meanwhile would love to see any other pics people have of their chrome T-Rex's.

Cheers, Phil

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its not crome plated! just aluminum that has been ball burnished (other words polished) then maybe clear lacquered over to stop corrosion.

this is a toxsin that has been polished up, not crome plated

if u get it like this, very nice!!

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Strip the paint with nitromoores (I think!) use something that will just take the paint off, don't sand it as it will scratch the metal and make it look shite.

Then get some Autosol, from any DIY shops or similar metal polish, then really work it in and buff off with some cloths, comes up like glass, Either do the forks the same or have then black its the only way...

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