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Help I Wana Find This Song


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I work at mcdonalds and our radio station has been getting quite good lately. As i was cleaning up last night an awsome song came on, and ive looked every where for it but no cigar.

Its almost a dance tune like all bass and stuff but then some kick ass guitar comes in. I was like :o .

The chorus is like ther's no one els id wana be /no one els id rather be somthing along those lines if you have/ know the song can i please have the name and artist luv u.


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well if it was a dance tune then guitars come in, it sounds like enter shikari..but thats mega random screamo whatever its calledl, there kick ass and doubt thed be on the radio. hmm i will have a scan

Actually, i've heard them quite a few times on radio one.Not just on their alterative shows.

So could of been them??

But yeah, they've got more of a screamo sound


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I'd hardly jump to the ES conclusion, you could name loads of 'dancey songs' with distinctive guitar parts. It could be apollo 440, daft punk... a million other things. If it's on the local radion station, just look at their site for tracklistings, or keep listening to that radio station till it's played again and they announce who it is.

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