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basically im getting some parts for my bike and i need to know what is a better tyre out of a creepy crawler, stiky or a eagle claw and i will also get a new bb and cranks but am unsure what axle size ill need 122.5mm or 127.5mm and what is a good crank length 160mm,165mm,170mm or 175mm and i ride an 06 t -pro.

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If you're over about 5'8" then I'd go with 165s and if you're shorter then 160s. As for the BB, I think quite a lot of people get away with 122mm axles, but it kinda depends what freewheel and BB you're using.

Will the Monty tyre fit in a T-pro?

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try-alls are the best/grippyest and you will never puncture them, but wear out too quickly and are stupidly expensive

montys are not as grippy, but still stick to everything and are lighter, im not too sure on pinch protection, bit cheaper too

maxxis creepy crawlers are the worst of them, but are the cheapest and still offer good grip and pinch protection, but are heavy

take this: cheap, light, strong pick two

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