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Street/dirt Moves On Trial Bikes


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Just wanna make a topic about which street/dirt/bmx tricks that people have done on trial bikes.

Tricks as backflips (Ashton Martin does it?), tailwhips, barspins, and so on.

So come on. Post your, or other peoples tricks here.

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im sure danny mac's tried bunnyhop tailwhips too.

I personally wanna try a bunnyhop barspin, or just a flatland tailwhip to sidehop etc :) But at the mo I only do front hop combos, 180 endos and half arsed turnbar bunnyhops lol :P oh I managed to get the hang of these too:

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erm, always throw in crankflips etc. throw in the occasional x up when i can pull it off, but am gettin a hollow top cap. and braided hosing soon,braided hosing is mainly for the extra resiliance to ripping out etc. but am hopin to throw in more tailwhips, and barspins into me riding, not cos its cool. but because its fun to do, which makes riding fun, which means i shall probably ride more, and learn more.

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