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Two Ali C Vids

Ali C

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yo guys...again

Two vids for you, they are made from old or just unused footage. I thought I may as well do somthing with them.

The first one is a very chilled number, meant to be relaxing, the 2nd is just more footage but with no music (as I know some of you like that)

I am not thaat happy with the editing, but it'l do I guess.

Comments always welcomed


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amazing as usual :blink: , has a great atmosphere to it

it's really my dream to be able to ride like that, but then on a mod :P

some amazing lines, ecspecialy some on the rocks lying in the river, must have been very slippery

good job dude, looking forward to your next video's :D

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Loving it!

There are some videos that you watch and you just think to your self 'wow...ok now i really need to ride..NOW!' The first one is one of those videos.

Whos the music by? I really liked that.

Keep up the good work Matey.


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so how many times have you got wet feet? :rolleyes:

i've only rode with you once, and you won't remember me but on the glen i remember you riding your way over to the most popular bit and i thought back then 'that guy has a f**king awesome style'.

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When you posted the other two videos here I hoped those were you riding.

And here the expected videos came :D

Good vids Ali. Make sure to get back on the Ashton. It suits you sooo much better.

Your words in gods ears!!!

Damn ALI you are soooo unique on your ashton!!!

Will try to put some wannebe ali style in my next ashton vid! ;)

Props dude!


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