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Proxy Servers?

Mod Man Leo

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ALL the proxy sites you need.

Quick tip: If your school is strict, don't send a notepad file with over 3000 proxy sites in it through the school email system, as i did, and all of them were blocked by the next day, what a sadact.

that's awesome, gonna be using that a lot at college to get on you tube etc (Y)

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RM Usener net is whats blocking your site. Goverment has set a deal with these muppets to conrol what your allowed to do in school. Confromists. RMUN is built by HP and is shocking. Dead easy to crack

Just a word of warning, your PC will have VNC server on there. You'll be caught doing everything, seen and stopped. Ie when you have to fight with your mouse thats the nupty in the office toying with you. Just run a tracker IP via VNC and you can go to RMUN and allow sites.

Proxy's won't do much for you, translated page maybe but RM is set to pick up all sorts of crap form IP addy and MAC addy even all the way too case senistive words

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At our school you didn't need any of this high tech nonsense. If you went to a site that was blocked this error message came up " The page you are trying to view is restricted. Would you like to change your security settings?" Of course yes! Lowest setting and you could do what ever you like. This was true allthrough my 6th form. Was brilliant. Unfortunatly it did mean that all the IT teachers in the school were completely useless!

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