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Trialsman Day Out.


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Hi, here's a few shots from today's ride - blue sky's at last - comments welcome!


Looking as smooth as ever.

Next time you come OOOOOP north make sure you bring that sun with you eh pal.

P.S. have you shaved the bum fluff off yet :-

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cool pics ben weather looks nice

what happened to the karbon ?

Found a new home with a good friend and fellow KOXX U.K. team member who wanted to try one.

nice pics ben, weather looks good, our village is deep in snow

You should move north James, we have all the good weather!

ben are you a tramp or do you ever work? you always seem to have the time to ride

Winning the lottery helped.

Nice pics. Can anyone tell me where the rocks are? Guessing somewhere in Wales?



Hi Stan, north Wales coast.


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LMAO!!!! Bring me some of that "lottery luck!!!!" :lol:

have you shaved the bum fluff off!!!! beautiful. i did say that he looked liked someone and he was in a rush to shave it off :P

the Karbon ended up @ my house :D theres one thing bout those pictures ben, that bike suits you, just what we was talking about on the phone on thursday/friday about. cant wait to get down to porthcawl wednesday (Y) and the secret spots too.


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