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Date : - Sunday 4th Feb

Event : - Tyke trial round 1

Venue : - Addingham Moorside

At last let the season begin again.

Would be great to see a few new faces helping out with the marking out and stuff, some new ideas from you lot are always welcome.

Anyway, look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.


PP.S. Does this need moving to the chat bit now it's not news cos it's been and gone ?????

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Sorry about the delay on the entry forms. Sue (who is sending them out to you for the last time) has been without phone lines and power since the storms. I understand that she's printing them and mailing them tomorrow.

Don't panic - the form says closing date Friday, although I really would appreciate as many of them back in advance as possible, I won't stick to pre-entry only for this one!


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mine wont be back as usual. il have to appoint my mum as my secretary for the year, she can fill forms in and send them off for me :P

Will be good to see you up here sunday benny boy, il see you tomorrow eve when i travel down to wales for a couple of days.

il be there new bike, new year, probably same old person though (Y):) see you all sunday.



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What's happened to the Yabba pal

Update. Just gone home for lunch, all of the forms are there so come on lads and lasses get em filled in and sent of tonight. Barbara has a hard job on trial Sundays , it will help her out no end. See you all there.

John P

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well you will see later..... when bernie has plugged his digi cam into the computer ;) iv got a project to show all......

BUT iv still got a yaabaa (Double disc) aswell as the Karbon. i will probably be seen more on the Karbon now, as after 1 ride on it last night iv fallen into the trap of the quality and geo makes it ride nice too. also usually a new bike adds for new inspiration, the people i was out with last night who had a go will probably say the same, something different, eye catcher and looks great, i just need to get the green rims replaced with some white ones :P anyone who wants a go is more than welcome.

i couldnt get waddy off my frame!!!!! it was more his bike than it was mine. Both my bikes will be their sunday, so people can have a look.


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