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Rb Lever On Magura?


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To be honest, I can't remember. I think there are two seals, but the likely hood is that if any, just one is broken.

The cylinder won't just pop out, it'll probobly require some persuasion. I would suggest taking it all apart, and cleaning it up REALLY clean, like new. and putting back together again, mine was leaking a little, and cleaning the inside's stopped it for now anyway.

If you want to take it apart, don't be afraid, just undo the lever, and then push the cylinder in and out alot and if it's too loose it'll eventually pop out, just don't let it all go flying out, remember thre is a spring in there.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Dave85 has modified lots of RB levers to fit Magura Pre 2005 bodies. He did the one pictured for me. To make it fit the lever needs to be filed thinner to fit in. Dave also polished the lever and provided a better TPA than the original plastic one, and a new sized brass bushes to suit the body.

I don't know if it works better because the lever is too long to actually use with riser bars. I can't mount the lever body far enough toward to the centre of the bars so the finger position is correct.

The sealing set-up for RB levers is not as well realised as for Maguras. Even in the hands of an experienced RB maintainer like Dave85, 100% positive results aren't guaranteed.


PM Dave85 and see if he's still got the time to help.


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Mine was a bit annoying a while ago, kept seeming to leak and i kept having to wind the tpa in. I took the lever blade off and got a pair of pliers and gently pulled the piston out, which came out rather easily. Gave the seals a bit of a wipe to take the thick grey gunk off them and stuck the rag inside the cylinder as well and twisted it round to take the gunk off the inside of the cylinder.

Topped it up with water, stuck the piston and lever back on and its been fine since.... only had to adjust it briefly once due to pad wear.

In answer to your actual question though, its the bit the lever bolt goes through that needs filing down as its too wide to fit into the 04 magura bodies. As far as i can see all you need to do is take the brass bushings out and carefully file it a little bit at a time on both sides till it fits into your magura lever. Job done.

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Thanks everyone, i`ll try some new bearings in my lever, if that dont work ill fit it on my magura body.

But it`s not as much stopping power when it`s on the magura body as it is on the rb body, right?

i got an engineer at work to modify mine.

it fitted sweet. been using it for 1.5 years.

couldnt use anything else now.

can get u pics if u require?


If it`s not too much trouble that would be very welcome. thanks :).

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I read somewhere that you can fit your rb design lever on a magura lever body with some modification, anyone done this? is it any good? My RB lever is leaking so it`s my last option..

How u do it?




^ An RB lever modded by Dave85.

Notice the custom turned TPA to replace the plastic one. The new shorter pivot bush is a brass hollow top hat with a brass washer the other end, standard Magura lever pivot bolt is alongside. The actual lever modification is the filed down region you can see all scratchy around the pivot. Both sides have been filed down equally to reduce the lever width in this region to 10mm.

Easier than you may have thought!


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any chance of a heatsink lever :rolleyes: go on join the deng bandwagon

Haha! I was looking at levers but the market is totally saturated now after all my faffing around. I've got to try and be one step ahead of the pack and find parts to release that Deng hasn't thought of yet! Got a nice new component coming out in a few weeks... hush-hush!


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you're prety screwed then dearie unless you make stock tyres + spokes he's got everything covered =[

subject of spokes: who'd want blue/red/green/gold spokes to match the rest of thier deng machines :P

edit again: make a sprung tensioner for mods i'd officialy love you :wub:

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