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Ice Slide


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Hit some ice coming back from work today... and, you guessed it, I slid....

this is the second time within a month I've come off the bike on the road <_<

First time was a huge pot hole that came out of nowhere...

...and this was the Second time..

ARGH. Anyone else experiencing things like this ??

was on the trials bike, which probably didn't help :|

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I'm not having this problem due to having no bike or car :(

but when i had my little aprilia 125 last year i came of twice due to ice on the road :angry:>_< .

My dad has a quad so today we went for a little blast on it, what a laugh drifting a quad on ice. & atleast you dont fall off. (Y):lol:

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hmmm my scootay has had a couple of moments this month where it just wont pull away! youll think ok no cars.... go.... and the back wheel just spins up! got so fed up after failing 4 pull aways a few weeks ago that i just jumped off my bike and pushed it to school not funny when your bikes in good cond! however last year on my shitter was great fun to ragg the shit out of it on ice!!!

but woulndt bother about going out on my trials bike in this weather.... wont do it any good..... a couple of us fell into bunkers today down the golf course! flamming snow! was so funny pushing unsuspecting people into them though!

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