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Novel Chain Tensioner...

F-Stop Junkie

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seen that done before, cant remember where and it was aages ago, i tried it on my mod but it just kept falling out :(, i did find a place that did rubber cogs in the right pitch and width to run on a mtb chain so it would keep the tention like a sprung tentioner, but i never went any further with it

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The amount of chain stretch you get when gapping tends to make it fall out...

Just what i was going to say. Also, i suppose it would knocked a fair few times on failed sidehops or on natural etc.

Seems very cool and definately very individual :P !



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That's bleedin' mad.

I might consider it on a town bike or a commuter but surely it would be suicide on a trials rig?

I'd spend my days waiting for the ring to collapse in on itself & send splinters into my legs just as I piled my knees into the steerer & took a wander off over the bars to taste some of whatever I was riding on.

All that said, I really wanna give it a go to see how it looks.

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