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Hey people... well, yesterday, i was riding blackpool, and totally egged my rear wheel, so my mates lending me his spare rear wheel and cranks intill i buy new ones...

I just put them on before, and thought i would take some pics... heres what it looks like...

Spec added:

rear Echo cassette hub, built onto 07 echo rim

07 Echo cranks

Im not too sure if im liking the red atm, might go back to black when i have enough money to pay for new things...

what you reacon?

Oh yeah, about the "odd pedals" hehe, i couldnt get my other V12 magnesium off of my tensile crank, without the thread insirt comingout with it, so now i have just got a cheapo one off my jump bike on for now lol




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yo that shizz is lethal it shurnk my headset haha... caustic soada ftl (N)

Not really suprised, it takes the outer coating of the metal off, so it would screw up push fits, your not meant to use it on things like crank splines or headsets ect, nothing that needs a really close fit. ;)

Im thinking maybe along the lines of...

Black forks,

Black stem

Black cranks

Red front wheel...

Then there wouldnt be too much red, or silver...

Sounds lush (Y) . Stick with it. Although the front wheel probably looks better black. Wheels should never have coloured hubs and rims, one or the other is nice, but both is just ott.

Edit: cant type for shit. :

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