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Grips Rubber Or Foam ?

Z o o !!

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do you prefer posts with a point or posts without a point?

you seem to have alot without a point

this topic doesn't seem so bad, there are way worse

he's just asking opinions and i bet some people could use this to decide if they want to get foam grips or rubber grips

I prefer rubber grips myself

But foam seems to be better if you ride without gloves

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rubber i find alot more grip, foam last longer i think but i will never stop using rubber, my next set of grips will be a set of "Jimmy le van" grips they are super thin with an awesomely grippy cork style grip and flanges aswell

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Foam grips seem to be quite good for trials, my buddy runs them and doesent seem to have many problems with them, although if your a sweaty bugger you might not want to run them, it'd be like glueing on sponges ;)

On the other hand, being a bmxer, i have to say that the amount of quality rubber grips out there really is quite shocking. There are so many of them, which are..

A) Long lasting

B ) Available in many different thicknesses, lengths, etc.

C) Cheap. Or cheap enough.

I would put in one of those "Do what you want" kind of quotes, but you came here for advice, so i gave it.


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