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I Can Get It Up, The Problem Is Keeping It Up


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Ha ha i saw the title of this topic and thought 'oh no another pilllock on TF, but seems i was wrong.

I had the same problem as you when i first start years ago and all i can say is practice. It will come naturally. Keep hopping, weight back, arms do a lot of the work too so make sure they are pulling the bars but not too much or you'll just go over backwards.

Its just a case of finding the balancing point, you'll nail it soon enough


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Yes im also very interested in this as i cant balance on the back wheel for long either :$ Connor...

You should probably stop posting then, that usually works.

Seriously though, just practise. I think with trials, it's easy to teach yourself the basics.

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When i read the title it actually raised a smile, made a bike related bad day better (Y)

try www.trashzen.com

just practice i guess, as has been mentioned, try to find a mid point, use a few correction hops just to get some balancekeep your knees and elbows a little bent,and to keep the front up if it drops, kick the pedals and roll forward a little, which will in turn lift the front end.

keep practicing,


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Getting the right balance to stay on your back wheel can be a bit of a tricky job in the beginning, as there are many factors that contribute to how well you can balance on the back wheel.

It could be; the bike, how high your butt is over the back wheel, how far back your body is, how far away you hold the front, the height of the front wheel, the position of your knees.

Best way to learn is to practice hopping on the back wheel, when you can do 10-20+ hops on the back wheel with ease then you know that you've got it right.

I'm not as good as back hopping as I used to be, mainly due to pedal hopping more than back hopping.

But basically as your practise and progress you know how far to lean back if the front end drops, I mean for me I do controlled pedal hops to keep the front end up and steady, it just takes practise and a bit of experience.

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leane ur ass near the back wheel, adn keep tapin ur pedals with a lil hop it makes ur balance very good keep trying it , it works for me anyway

yeah - that.

keep your knees bent and stay relaxed then level your pedals out when you hop.

unlevel pedals = falling off

straight legs = falling off

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thought the title may attract a few people

little play on words ... basicly you all have dirty minds, but i do to so its all good :P

one other thing ...

people say you should initiate the move with right high, but i seem to get better results with left high, is this wrong :S

or is it a preference thing?

thanks for all the tips im sure il think of them when im laying on my arse in the mud tomorrow ...

trying to dodge the bike as it falls towards me ... again


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wow danny thats a ctully a realy good idea, but i know most of my friends would be in stiches about me alling off, and probably push the wheel back just to see me fall off ...

but yeh, a wall maybe :)

and "simpson" what i meant was that when i bring the front wheel up i have my left pedal high, and kick that to bring the wheel up, in all the videos it seems to be done with the right pedal high ... am i doing that wrong or is it preference?

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i strangely learnt by back wheeling walls, once i got on the walls i found that i franticaly had to find my ballance and thats how i managed to get it in the end, althought it was YEARS ago i still tell local riders to have a go at it like that! Its some tihhng that grows the more you ride, dont worry it will come. just chill out and dont worry about whats going onjust have ab it of experiment, see what happens if you use to much brake to little brake ect...

It will come, you have just got to get it up

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It will come, you have just got to get it up

yeh i think i will try out a few of these ideas tomorrow

i had a guy walk past me earlier when i was trying things, he was about 55, you know when someone looks like there going to say something ... thats what he had and i was expecting him to say something about flat tires or squeeky breaks, but he said to me ...

"Having problems keeping it up are we .... i know the feeling"

HAHA ... i actully fell of my bike because of that ... went strait off the back :o

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