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Bored Out My Head


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Play red alert 2 online. Although i do play that too much. I'm getting rather good :huh:

Although going to the shed to mess around with one of my bikes i find hard to go do. Just because i know i can't ride it after so it doesn't seem worth it.

I did used to build wheels. Take them apart and rebuild them as it is quite fun while watching a film. Although i'm out of films to watch so i don't bother any more :sleeping:

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its been raining here to and iv been in all day, but iv not been bored because i went down town and bought some caustic soda and stripped my levers and bars to silver. they look mint. i tried to do the maggy mounts but it wouldn't work but i dont mind about them. you should try it if you want anything on your bike to be silver.

cheers lou.

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Drink myself into submission...Its the fun activity that can be done no matter what the weather!

Seriously though, I work on my bike I suppose, or just sleep. Or just usually ride in the rain (well...I used to until I sold it all...Although I should be riding again soon, just in time for the influx of uber crap weather...joys of England)

Lads lads lads, you've all got a phone right? you all know some girls right?

Now put two and two together, and you've got a perfect rainy day ;)

Ha, thank god. I was getting sick of seeing the 'Play on me PS2 bollocks'...

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