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My Bikey Wikey


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Got bored so i think i will post my bike up lol

i have zoo cranks well right one threaded so danny kearns nicely gave me his right one for free top man lol

quick spec

Zoo 05 frame

rear echo rim 07 on king hub

echo and zoo cranks

maggy rear

avid front

front viz rim and hub

shit spokes and nipples

zoo bars and stem

king head set

maxxis and echo tyres

zoo forks


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whats that tensioner you are using?

does it eliminate the problem of smashing mechs

jace x

yes lol its a spanner lol

i smash it it moves a little i eitehr undo the bot n put it bak within 30 seconds or pull it with my hands its amaizng lol best thing i ever used

these are the last pics of this bike as im getting the new zoo pitbul full build from deng

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He rides for deng now the big GOTH

Good lad chuk.

Bike is biggest pile of shit ive ever seen. Although its street as fewk with all battering its had. So (Y)


hmm abdab shall i taje that as a compliment or not

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