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How To Advertise Our Sport

Tomy P

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Im currently studying business management and was looking for some help. Ive been given an assignment to create a marketing communications plan, this basically means to come up with some advertising proposals. I have chosen biketrials as my subject matter as it interest me! Basically I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how we could progress our sport. A good example within the cycling industry would be Kona and the africabike scheme, Kona bike Town.

So if you people have any ideas that could be used to promote trials that would be great. Could be anything from say the kona idea to just focusing on what the sport means to us. Sorry if this doesnt make much sense... its quite hard to put into words.

Cheers for any feedback, Tom

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Where to begin?

The best way to promote the sport is through continued appearances in the media. If James Bond was to feature a trials sequence in the next film, imagine what that would do the take up of the sport. Better still would be a multi-part TV series giving information about it. Remember, advertising relies on repetition.

Don't forget too about complimentary advertising. If DC shoes sponsored - say - Chris Akrigg and promoted him widely, then they would also promote the sport to a wider audience. Animal does this already.

You can also promote outside of the sport itself. Again, using Chris Akrigg as an example, you get him on Cribs, an interview/photoshoot with Esquire magazine, you introduce the person instead of the sport, and people will then feel attachment to an individual and then follow that into the sport.

What about a series of competitions like the Red Bull bike battle around the UK, all televised?

Etc, and so on...

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What about a series of competitions like the Red Bull bike battle around the UK, all televised?

We really need more of this sort of thing

More people can relater to a big, open, outdoor jam-style comp, as most people know something about bmx or similar, even if it's just that they've seen it once as they drove past a skatepark.

If people can relate to it in one way or another, it makes them more interested from the off

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The best thing is to try and organise a massive, OFFICIAL event, and you can try to get sponsorship from trials shops...

We are currently running a motorsport project at our school and I am the team manager, which means I have been trying to promote our project as much as possible...

But seriously, the best thing to do is organise an official event that everyone will be able to see...

Nathan :)

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don't forget things like the internet as well. without the internet i would have never discovered this forum and half of the people i now ride with.

promotion in the right place on the net would help substantially. getting the website owners to agree is where the problem would lie

hope this is of some use, steve

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