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  1. looking good its this running double tubeless now?
  2. humm zoo maybe?
  3. this looks like a pain in the arse to fit
  4. Ok thanks I will bear that in mind
  5. So I got an old t-pro and trying to decide best fork axle to crown length have the standard onza fork about 490 long and a set off the the onza pro about 470 long anyone try ed running a shorter fork on one pros/cons cheers
  6. pretty sure the spank spike is disc only
  7. missed the meet time and couldn't find you guys so ended up solo Ah well catch you next time!
  8. would be good to tag along if mediocre riders are welcome, if so is it still the same time and place originally planed?
  9. na used* latex glove once super manky sweat hands even in the cold
  10. bloody hell roeckl make loads what ones have you tryed?
  11. cool will see if i can find some anyone tryed the royal Mercury Glove?
  12. Any good suggestions for gloves now it is F*CKING COLD! I have go some of the sealskin jobs for plodding round the woods but they are way to bulky for trials and my 661 comps are like sieves
  13. i have been wondering about gt and trials frames what do you reckon Kenny Belaey is riding?
  14. just finished putting my bike back together if you ever fancy ride
  15. sounds ace will do thanks