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  1. Finally got my Marino in. Sadly there is no way to make the SLX cranks clear the chainstays, even with axle spacers. I had it made with a 73mm BB shell, so I can't really use BB spacers. Ugh. Looking into other options. Anybody up to buy a brand new pair of SLX cranks with basguard? lol
  2. If you don't know who Drew Fortner is, he should be on your radar. He's only been riding for 5 years I think.
  3. Why not use a street trials fork?
  4. Sounds horrible. On a related note I found some echo flats for super cheap.
  5. I guess in theory my steel axle ones would bend first?
  6. lol I do TRY to ride smooth. But once and I while I just go full sack of bricks. There are plenty of riders of 200 lbs though.
  7. I know this is a super opinionated question. In the past I had some echo flats with Ti axles I took off after two years. Now I am running on three years with steel axle echo flat pedals and am starting to wonder when they will break. Somehow I don't like the idea of what a snapped axle could do to my legs. How long do you want before retiring pedals? (or other parts for that matter, my spare parts bin has a handful of bits I took off before breaking)
  8. The one I was looking at buying comes with a BB70. That is a bit helpful thanks! Thanks for the opinion! I do drops I consider big (8'), but I know that's not really huge compared to what you're doing lol. I'll look into the SRAM cranks, thanks for the info!
  9. I'm setting up a trials bike without trials specific cranks for the first time since power pro cranks on my brisa, and honestly haven't really been paying attention to the MTB tech scene since it changes every 3.2 minutes. Trading a frame for a rear hope hub for this setup. Can anyone explain the different between Saint, SLX, and Zee cranks? Obviously Zee is budget friendly, but is there much of a difference? SLX is lighter, but not as strong? I found a good deal on some SLX cranks with bottom bracket in a 22/32/40 combo, compatible with a 104 bcd bashring I have and was thinking of giving that a go.
  10. Maxxis has a new Downhill tire for junior downhill bikes that is almost the exact same as the old 24" holy roller. The Maxxis Minion DHF 3C 24" . Thick sidewall, butyl insert, and soft compound. Been riding it for awhile and it's not light, but reliable.
  11. While trials may or may not have died down a bit in the last 10-15 years, I really think facebook / instagram have taken away from the presence on the forum. Most people (including myself) are face book friends or instagram followers with all sorts of trials riders, removing the "need" to come here. There are some pro's and cons to a lot of it.
  12. I would get the Red one unless the silver one is drastically cheaper.
  13. Ha, just figured out who this is! Looking forward to seeing it in action
  14. I don't think I comprehend what I just saw...
  15. So poking around the web I noticed a few things. A new Echo SL Disc brake A new "Czar" Disc brake A new 2017 Echo SL Rim brake. So as far as the rim brake goes, is there anything different with the new one besides the lever blade? (It does look more comfortable) For the Echo SL Disc and Czar disc brake. Anybody know anything about them? More power than the TR? Just curious. I had good luck with the Echo TR rim and Disc brakes before. I'm not sure how much more abuse my MT7's can take, and I'll take cheap and reliable anyday over expensive and unreliable.