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  1. Conceptually it makes a ton of sense! Let's see how it works. Like so many other MTB concepts, even if it works better and is genius, it'll take a fairly large portion of the market to adapt the tech for it to stick more than a year or so.
  2. Being as tall as you are the Hex might feel more comfortable.
  3. Depends on how much you're paying for it. Looks like a decent build and would be a good first bike. Check the frame good for cracks.
  4. The because frames are pretty decent for the price. Czar and inspired are good.
  5. Stay away from Zhi. It might be better to look for a used bike or just shop around more. Decent priced and decent quality entry level bikes are available from Czar, Echo, Because, Neon, and even Inspired. (see the Inspired flow / flow +). (Note: if buying a because / neon be super careful on how they are spec'd, as some of the builds are horribly cheap and others really nice) Zhi is a load of garbage. The reason you can't find them anywhere buy sketchy places, is because they are horrible quality with horrible business practices. (Please note: there are some very legit shops and dealers out of China, simply being from China doesn't make something bad, but Zhi is bad). When I had my online shop I made the mistake of trying to go with Zhi. After sending them a fairly large amount of money I never heard back from them for about 6 months. Finally was able to get the direct number for the factory they contract to make their piece of crap items, and paid a local Chinese immigrant to call and yell at them. They had no plans of sending me anything, but also didn't think I'd be able to find them. When I finally received my order about 25% of the frames were so badly made I couldn't even sell them. Poor quality metal, poor workmanship. Things welded in the wrong place, headtubes machined incorrectly so headsets can't even go in. Etc. I may sound harsh. But there are quite a few better options. Support one of them.
  6. If you feel like the bike your on isn't letting you achieve 110% you should try making a ridiculously expensive exact replica of it out of carbon fiber and have it weigh almost the exact same. But really any jack of all trades bike won't do anything quite 100% and any bike made for just one purpose won't do the others well. You might get deceived into thinking otherwise by watching Ali, Danny, and others (Marco hoesel, joachim, tra, anyone from Canada etc.) but for us mere mortals it's not possible. Have you tried streety angle arcade bars on a more neutral pure bike? Also. I am selling the twin to ross's Marino.
  7. I successfully went tubeless on my 26" pure for a bit. I need to set it up again on my new ride.
  8. Is it sprung? What's with all the little holes?
  9. Echo has started using EchoBIkeUSA's FB page as their primary page, and their USA distributor, is the admin. He is actually a super nice guy and easy to work with. I'm not sure how it works outside of the USA, but here shops order from a distributor in LA who gets freight orders from China and then ships them to the individual shops. It works well for since there are only a few (3 I think) Echo dealers in the USA and freight shipping items to LA is slow but very cost effective. The distributor was also running EchoBikeUSA as an online shop for awhile to sell direct to the American public, but it never really got past a website without products, and looks like that effort has stopped. The fb page now points to Echo.Bike and Echo.Bike points to the FB page, with the only artifact being the page is @echobikeusa on facebook even though it's renamed Echo Bike. Yes to the 2 piece crankset! They also need an update to their rear rim. I bent the sidewalls within a few hours on 3 different 26" rims, if they make it an h or I-beam shape it'll help keep the sidewalls stiffer, and the cutouts aren't the best shape.
  10. Echo made a post with it on facebook almost a month ago. No one really seemed to notice then, I was excited.
  11. haha, that first gap looks big to begin with and he completely overshoots it.
  12. +4. Did Ben just run a shinpad thread into one of the best of all time? P.S. I never wore shinpads, but my left leg was so scarred I didn't have hair growing on the front of it for about 10 years. Shinning hurts like hell. My advice is wear shinpads at least till you haven't needed them for a year, and always if riding in the snow. Kneepads not really, unless you're really a carnage seeker.
  13. ! I bought one of Ryan's bikes off pinkbike awhile back, a manifesto with a few prototype parts. It was cool as could be. Also, it was like riding trials on bus made out of turd covered bricks. It made me respect him a million times more. Back to the OP. I really enjoy the triboulat brothers, they are doing some MASSIVE moves with for the most part, a lot of style. (The footplants are rad). Also, remember this is just a few instagram clips from the last couple weeks, not some majorly edited and thought out video. I can't figure out why people get after them so much.
  14. Yeah, I never got anything to work on them. Just get some new rims. With how many brakes pads you've bought you could've done that already. They are light, but not strong and don't brake well.
  15. Not sure I've ever seen anyone do a curb frontflip like this....