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  1. Not sure I've ever seen anyone do a curb frontflip like this....
  2. Try looking at a couple different bearings? Might be easier than trying to skim off the center.
  3. Yeah. The options vary pretty significant depending on your welding / fabrication skills or lack thereof and your enormous amounts of startup money or lack thereof.
  4. I don't think for street 110mm spacing would give a sturdy enough base. Then for rim brake bikes (like mine, clearing the slave cylinders is the major issue).
  5. lol. Even in trials I'm not normal. I did try it with the Crewkerz bars the other day. I'm going to try several different bar / stem combos to figure out what actually works with this geo. To be fair, I've never broken a frame. Also, so far I am loving the Hope / SLX combo like crazy
  6. Recently I got my Marino 26" frames back. (I have two identical frames, one in blue and one in red). The blue one is the fun build, so here it is. I'll update this thread as I make some changes to it. Geo is 1060, +80, 377, with a 73 degree headtube. Reach is 680. Either you think I'm crazy and the geo is just dumb, or you look at the numbers and think "hey, that sounds like a lot of fun." The long reach allowed me to go with a 130mm stem right off the bat and felt good. The goal is to have something that is more flickable and fun than normal modern pure bikes that still feels decent on rear wheel moves. The shorter wheelbase and slightly shorter chainstay make this manual nicely (not that I know how). I've got to work up some confidence on bigger rolling bunnyhops, but it should be nice. With the super high BB it still does rear moves and sidehops decently with the bars rolled back into a less visually oppressive angle. I liked the idea of MTB cranks and a hope hub on a pure bike. It took a bit more modification / grinding than I would've liked to get the cranks to work. Having the rim brake slave cylinders made the clearance super difficult and I had to sand the pads down to almost nothing and take about 1mm off the back of the drive side crank. At some point when I have some more funds, I may try a boost crank made for a 83mm bb. But so far this setup is AMAZING! It feels so stiff. Front Magura MT7 and rear Trialtech are a super nice combo. The Magura is working like crap since I moved it over, the disc mount must be at a slightly different angle or something. So far the rear trialtech Carthy rim is pretty nice! I love not seeing cutouts and it feels super stiff. The coust pads on it are a amazing. The rear heatsink tensioner is a bit sloppy looking. Originally Marino said he'd be able to fabricate a crewkerz style mount, but then wasn't able to figure it out in the end. Maybe at some point I'll weld one on myself (bonus of steel). Due to the gear ratio on this, there is just a lot of slack to take up. Maybe using a half link would help. I can put a hanger on it and just go with an old school two wheel tensioner too. At some point I will go rear tubeless on this bike. But right not it is fairly cold and my tires just feel like crap no matter what so I'm not stressing it. Tire clearance is a bit of an issue, I had to trim a couple center knobs a mm or two to get it to stop rubbing. The Inspired Arcade bars look incredible, but I am going to try my Crewkerz bars on my next ride. Between the 73 degree head angle and the streety bars, the front end felt so different it was hard to get used to.
  7. Nice! I may give it a try. My slx cranks are on a Marino with rim brakes. I had to shave my pads down to almost nothing to get the cylinders to clear.
  8. So there are a few topics on here about chaining clearance issues with mtb style cranks. Recently I spent a considerable amount of time with an angle grinder to get some slx cranks to work. Would cranks for an 83mm BB and a few spacers fix this issue? My frame has a 73mm BB, so two 2mm spacers in each side and then 2 of the 0.5mm axle washers per side and that'd work...right? Or am I completely missing something
  9. I enjoyed that!
  10. If it doesn't come with dedicated disc mounts don't try any weird adapters. They will not be up to the task of trials.
  11. If you get flats a lot having a fixed rear end is nice. Also the brake pads are always centered. In a year of riding my crewkerz I haven't adjusted the brakes once and have never had to mess with alignment, even after getting a flat. The echo grub screws worked pretty good, but it always seemed I'd have to re-adjust after a few minutes of riding. Snail cams were a huge pain, I'd have to redo them after just about every move. It seems with snail cams if you weighed less than 180 lbs they were fine, but anyone bigger just hated them.
  12. Finally got my Marino in. Sadly there is no way to make the SLX cranks clear the chainstays, even with axle spacers. I had it made with a 73mm BB shell, so I can't really use BB spacers. Ugh. Looking into other options. Anybody up to buy a brand new pair of SLX cranks with basguard? lol
  13. If you don't know who Drew Fortner is, he should be on your radar. He's only been riding for 5 years I think.
  14. Why not use a street trials fork?
  15. Sounds horrible. On a related note I found some echo flats for super cheap.