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  1. Been watching the Aurora alerts, of course with the highlights being at night there means it's in the day here, bloody inconsiderate
  2. It snows about a week a year usually and the country about shuts down, just get on with it, there's no need for fancy tyres £10 stunners will be just fine for the other 51 weeks of the year
  3. Bought myself a URS6, only took 2 years to find a manual one! managed 2 outings (The first being the 6 hour drive home) before it started dropping power completely, then coming back, going, coming, so I went to switch it off and on again, apart from it never switched back on again because the trigger pin from the flywheel for the crank position sensor went awol taking the sensor out with it... Fortunately I was out with a bunch of mechanic friends at the local racetrack so they put my tank on their trailer and I drove the race car (just a little Corolla) home. Didn't find the trigger pin but I did find a mashed up sump bolt in there that was almost definitely the cause of the issue, had to make a new pin (more a block with a step in it) with .75mm tolerances and weld it on through the starter hole, 4 hours later and it's alive again! Plans are lows, de-chrome, nice wheels, RS2 turbo setup and ultimately bring it back to England with me someday
  4. He should have been, but the boss(es) opted to not get the police involved as it would cause a shit storm for too many people (including me) and instead made him pay back what he took (or what they could track...)
  5. Both, he's using it locally for another few days then going on a grand adventure to Auckland and (hopefully) back start of next week...
  6. Guy at work who I consider a friend was fired yesterday for stealing a considerable amount of money over the last 5 months backhandedly crediting things at a greater price than he paid. Now I'm having serious doubts as to whether I should have leant him my camper to go on a road trip.
  7. On fuel economy, that twin engine Golf I built did 2 gallons to the mile, it was obscene. Currently strongly considering getting myself an RS4 as an investment toy, think I'd kick myself somewhere down the line if I don't...
  8. Topsy - my bottom wisdom teeth are the same, had one out at hospital under general anesthetic but they refused to do both because the other one wasn't yet causing problems, which it inevitably would and has now. I went to see a dentist before I left the country see if I could get into hospital to get the other one out and he was just like "I'll just take it out now" "I can just do it here" "yeah it'll be fine" practically ran out of that place, bloody cowboy. The amount of stitches in my other one and the potential for nerve damage suggests it's a fairly large job. Related - when I did have the first one out they stitched my cheek over the hole in my gum, which was obviously wrong and tugged all the time and got infected twice, looked like American Dad it was so swollen. Ultimately took matters into my own hands when they wouldn't fix the stitches and plain old ripped them with a fair old amount of alcohol in me.
  9. Managed to blag a $12,500 pay rise that could make me eligible for residency!
  10. The odd wallaby in NZ, no roos though, it is what I had in Australia too though tbf and it was f*cking excellent! Going offroading with it later on, only gonna go one of two ways
  11. I bought a new car, was intending to sell it but I'm a bit in love with it, forgot how good they are
  12. Well yeah same, doesn't sound like the first 2 days of it though
  13. Not really angry but absolutely astounded by the new lad at work - day 2 in his new job today, I was in charge, he's been doing the endless boring multiple choice training in the office. Today not only did I catch him on his phone most the day playing a football manager game, but also scrolling through pictures of some (probably famous) female in swimwear and the absolute cherry on top - went in to find him fully reclined in the chair, mouth agape having a little nap with the light off! I don't think he's gonna last somehow.
  14. If the person in question was a male, and not someone you were remotely interested in getting intimate with, would you be getting as upset and analysing how well you get along with each other when you're together, how much or little you talk, the content and quality of the conversation and how he's no good at replying to texts? You're fooling nobody saying you only want to be friends Also yeah, buying products as a gift to alter her physical appearance (whatever the intention) is probably not going to win you many points, next time go with an expensive, extravagant bunch of flowers with a "to a friend" card.
  15. The Mrs had a 306tdi when we lived in Cornwall, picked it up for £350 from the local scrappy and apart from smoking like the end of the world on startup that thing was awesome and completely bombproof, used to rag the shit out of it, pull heavy trailers around and commute to Nottingham and back (on one tank usually) without ever skipping a beat, went pretty well too! 10/10, would buy another. /coolstory
  16. Today the bellend housemates we can't stand have announced they're leaving, in the wake of their last bollocking (for smoking indoors, which they flat out denied), more great success
  17. Went to the local big annual horse race with $80, got pissed as f**k in the sun, came home with sunburn and $120, great success
  18. Once (or twice) accidentally had that bit from 36 chambers where they're going on about "I'll sew you asshole closed and keep feedin' you and feedin' you" blasting out in the bike shop I used to work in and none of us were near enough to a computer to change it, just talked louder at the customers we were dealing with
  19. The guy who stopped in the first place was a total cretin parking behind a crash, on a spot where if anyone is gonna skid, that is where they would hit, then standing 10 feet away essentially telling people to skid... Brilliant, well done.
  20. Are working? As in currently? As in presently undertaking research on a project that was completed in 2003? Just once, do you think you could post something that isn't total dogshit that you've pulled from the depths of the internet, swallowed, shat out again and stated as fact?
  21. I have a rather nasty moustache, I can win prizes for it, I want to go skidding cars in exchange for my terrible mo, for this I need votes and you guys are just the best
  22. Weird how many people have said that to me this month.. Thanks!
  23. What you did there, I see it.
  24. Not presently..?