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  1. Flavour of spring was about the Island Sat so got the wheels rolling with a couple of old riding crew down here in lil ol'Jersey. Short video from that sunny afternoon, experimenting with the chest mount...all shots ended up a little too low, bar on backwheel, I know - hope you'll enjoy regardless! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm7P7yIiHv4
  2. Feel you @bikeperson45 - "Monday" brings it all back! Ali C n Raab vid love too! Can't for the life of me remember what a particular old fave was called, it was a good 8mins or more of an Asian rider on a 26" Echo or possibly Zoo, super smooth hooks n hops set in what seemed like a ruined white rock temple like setting, minimalistic tune and slow vibe to the vid... No idea of a name! Recall him possibly spending some time on a 20 too though and putting out some insane sidehops to back wheel on a again, asian looking, street concrete flowerbed at night!? Good thread! ...I'm off on the hunt now...
  3. Took full advantage of calm, sunny winter's day and headed for the beach of course! Link to the day's riding here ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfkIx1cty5U&t=4s Thanks, good to be back - enjoy! Ben
  4. Good on you for putting it out there! Constructive film criticism; Use a variety of shots. When out riding & filming try being mindful to shoot an overview shot of whatever obstacle/line you're about to tackle, an alternative closer action-rider-in-frame type one and then a close up of the particular key move. You'll have a heap of clips to trim and sort (half of which I find you never actually use) but come edit time back at home at the end of the day you'll find you have a large enough and diverse library from which you can pick from, achieve much better flow (and subsequent entertainment value) from stitching together. Keep using key changes or count bars in your chosen tune as cues to chop to another clip in the edit... Note: personal preference but, best to choose and load tune first if going about the whole syncing approach from the start. Trim excess dead time off clips, watch them all. Load tune into editing suite, listen, envision, and then start building from the start. Explore and experiment - keep an eye out for all those lines with a cool backdrop for that overview or alternative shot, hunt out landscapes, switch it up between urban and natural scenery, include arty features for those quick short filler clips or better yet, if respectable to do so - ride them! Utilise that tripod. Take it easy, take your time and keep up the good progressive riding!
  5. Sunny seasons greetings from the Channel Isles! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfkIx1cty5U
  6. Hi, I'm in the final processes of booking a trip from the Channel Isles up to the 2nd round at Dudwood farm, unfortunately being credit card-less the ol hire car option from Manchester Airport has fallen through ... ...Just seeing if by chance anyone's traveling from Manchester down to Mattlock Sat' eve? Edit: Or possibly be able to give me a lft to and from YHA Harrington Hall (17km from Mattlock) on the Sunday...any help's much appreciated!...and shall obviously split fuel Cheers, Ben
  7. Good stuff man!
  8. Cheers for the feedback fella...feel you on the angles, unfortunately restricted to a tiny tripod to mount the GoPro on so shots are admittedly same-ish...something to switch up next time though cheers
  9. New track and vid upload
  10. Hmm, not cool...erm, could anyone else pitch in on whether the link works for them? Seems to work ok this side...
  11. Kia Ora everyone! Cheeky 3 minute video filmed the other morning, tried to keep this one a bit sharper with clip cutting and a new slice of funky break beats - let me know your thoughts... Check it out here; https://youtube.com/watch?v=uJ3v5SVRJQs Constructive criticism welcome as ever, what does there need to be more of in the next vid dudes? and a few more kicking about on here too... https://www.facebook.com/pages/BenJeman-Trials-rider/1415157038783485 Chur for any complimentary likes Nice variety of rolling vocal DnB from Alex here; https://soundcloud.com/al_x_jsy
  12. Kia Ora, 3 minute mash up of clips from New Zealand's capital, Wellington. Edited twice, with the intention of doing a couple more...then just thought I'd sling it up enywho... ...constructive crit' always welcome Cheers, Ben https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpLGQZQ-FVA More videos & pics here; https://www.facebook.com/pages/BenJeman-Trials-rider/1415157038783485